OMSA Allocation Board

OMSA Allocation Board

The OMSA Allocation Board is a student peer review board that allocates funding to student groups affiliated with OMSA hosting programs that directly impact OMSA constituents, enhance the office's mission, and add value to the University community.  

Funding Eligibility

Any student groups with good standing with the University may apply.  Student group leaders are encouraged to attend Coalition meetings each quarter to qualify for allocation board funding.  The expectations, dates, time, and location for the Coalition can be found here.  

Funding Application and Review Process

  • Fill out the funding application using the online OMSA Allocation Board Application, links are below.
  • Attach relevant documents (quotes, invoices, agreements, etc.)
  • The OMSA Allocation Board will meet and review each proposal on the set meeting date and time.   Representatives from student organizations are asked to be present at the meeting at a designated time to answer any questions the board may have. 
  • The allocation board will make its recommendation for funding and student organization will be notified via email within 2 business days. 
  • If your proposal is accepted, add the OMSA logo to any advertisements you create. 
  • After the event is over, fill out the post event form, submit attendee evaluation forms, and return any unused funds. 

Submission Deadlines

Funding Proposal Deadline (at noon):  For Programs no sooner than the Following Date:  Funding Meeting Date:  Funding Proposal Decision: 
Monday. February 27 Wednesday, March 8 Wednesday, March 1 Friday, March 3
Monday, March 27 Wednesday, April 5 Wednesday, March 29 Friday, March 31
Monday, April 10 Wednesday, April 19 Wednesday, April 12 Friday, April 14
Monday, April 24 Wednesday, May 3 Wednesday, April 26 Friday, April 28
Monday, May 8* Wednesday, May 17* Wednesday, May 10* Friday, May 12*
Monday, May 22* Wednesday, May 31* Wednesday, May 24* Friday, May 26*

* The final two finding meetings is also accepting funding proposals for programming taking place in fall 2017! 

The deadline to submit a proposal is Mondays at noon.  Proposals submitted past the deadline will not be reviewed until the next cycle.  

Funding Policies

Please read the full list of OMSA Allocation Board Policies before applying for funding, the most important of which can be found below.

All student groups for OMSA Allocation Board funding are highly encouraged to attend the Coalition. 

Student groups are allowed to apply for up to $250 during the academic year. Groups can choose to apply for one or multiple events during the academic year but cannot exceed the $250  cap per year.  If co-sponsoring, the amount of funding will be distributed equally towards your $250 cap. For example, if two student groups collaborate and receive funding for a $200 proposal, $100 will be applied towards the cap of each student group. 

In order to apply for funding, student group programming must meet one or both of the following criteria: 

  • Dialogue or Identity Engagement: Programming designed to highlight conversations across different identities.  Speakers or performers whose social identities are salient in their speaking or performances. 
  • Social Justice Education: Programming designed to promote social justice and identity based education, trainings, or workshops.
  • Community development: Programming designed to develop community or affinity within social identities. 

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