Multicultural Graduate and Professional Student Organizations

For the most up-to-date list of multicultural student organizations visit ORCSA's Blueprint.

African American MBA Association (AAMBAA)

The AAMBAA is a support group for African American students within the Graduate School of Business. The goals of the organization are threefold:

  • to enhance student life;
  • to facilitate community among African American and minority students (both internal and external to the University); and
  • to facilitate community involvement within Hyde Park and the greater Chicago area.

Examples of recent activities include weekly tutoring within Hyde Park, the sponsoring of a scholarship competition for high school seniors, and conducting alumni workshops focused on relevant business issues. The group's major event is the two-day DuSable Business Conference, which focuses on professional and personal issues relevant to African Americans in pursuit of excellence.

African American Student Association at the School of Social Service Administration (AASA at SSA)

The organization provides social, cultural, and educational activities, as well as support for African American students and other students of color enrolled in SSA. The AASA Buddy System (the organization's mentor program) matches a second- or third-year SSA graduate student with an entering SSA minority student.

Asian Pacific American Law Students Association (APALSA)

The Asian Pacific Americna Law Students Association is dedicated to encouraging and supporting the intellectual, academic, professional, social, and cultural life of students at the Law School. We serve as a resource for the Law School and the University of Chicago. We are a part of the Diversity Initiative at the Law School, a group of students and student organizations committed to the hiring of faculty and the admission and matriculation of students of diverse backgrounds. APALSA seeks to further the understanding of Asian American issues by hosting guest speakers, cultural events, and social gatherings at the Law School.

Asian Pacific American Medical Students

Asian American Law Students Association

Black Law Students Association (BLSA)

The University of Chicago Black Law Students Association (BLSA) is part of a national student organization that includes over 190 member chapters. The local chapter provides formal and informal academic, professional, political and social support to African-American law students. Students receive formal academic support through test-taking lectures and formal professional support by way of cover letter, resume and job-hunting workshops. In an effort to increase awareness of the issues facing Black law students and the Black community, BLSA hosts a number of guest speakers.

All interested members are encouraged to attend the regional and national conferences. For the last few years, the local chapter has sponsored most moot court teams who competed during the regional conference. BLSA plays a large role in the recruitment of admitted African-American students and continues to work toward increasing the presence of minority faculty members.

Chinese Student and Scholar Association

Hispanic American Business Students Association

HABSA's mission is to advance the progress of U.S. resident, GSB Hispanic students by promoting meaningful academic, professional and social dialogue fostering understanding of our membership's unique assets, and mobilizing resources to accomplish our goals.

Korean Graduate Student Association

Latino/a Law Students Association (LLSA)

LLSA provides a support network of Latino law students at the University of Chicago Law School. Our primary goal is to increase the representation of Latinos in the legal community by increasing recruitment, retention, and placement of Latino law students. It is also our desire to contribute to the discussion (and debate) of important social and political issues, especially those having a direct impact on the Latino community. Finally, it is our wish to continuously inject our varied and rich cultural heritage into the University community at large. The activities we promote to achieve our goals include:

  • Recruitment Weekend: Hosting a weekend visit to Chicago for admitted Latino students to introduce these applicants to life at the Law School.
  • Outreach program: Maintaining contact with the Latino community at large (particularly youths) through high schools, colleges, churches, and the media.
  • Speaker series: Inviting Latino lawyers, scholars, judges, and community leaders to speak at the Law School regarding their experiences and topics of concern to Latinos.
  • Cultural events: Sponsoring cultural and entertainment activities for members and amigos, including the annual Cinco de Mayo fiesta at the Law School.

Latino Student Association at the School of Social Service Administration (LSA at SSA)

The Latino Student Association provides social, cultural, and educational activities for Latino students at the School of Social Service Administration (SSA). The organization has sponsored an annual seminar at which issues of concern to Latinos are presented. The association collaborates with other student groups to provide support to students of color at SSA.

Minorities in Public Policy Studies (MIPPS)

MIPPS serves as an academic, social and cultural resource for policy students in the Harris School whose goals are to: raise awareness concerning issues pertaining to minority students of the Harris School and the greater community; increase the number of minorities at the Harris School; and promote civic participation within the Harris School, the University of Chicago and the greater community.

Minority Graduate Student Association (MGSA)

The Minority Graduate Student Association (MGSA) is committed to providing intellectual, social and cultural opportunities for graduate students of color at the University of Chicago as well as on the numerous campuses throughout the Chicago area. Through networking at social events to intellectual exchange at the annual Eyes on the Mosaic Conference to service through our campus-wide mentoring program with the undergraduate students, MGSA provides a host of opportunities for Chicago's minority graduate population to enhance and supplement their educational experience.

South Asian Law Students Association

From samosa parties to political discussions, the South Asian Law Student Association (SALSA) was formed with the aim to promote an understanding and appreciation of South Asian political, legal, and social issues. In the past, we have invited South Asian political figures, screened films pertaining to South Asian history, engaged in many social events, and had South Asian dinners. This year, we plan to sponsor the National South Asian Law Student Association Conference. With the current trend of globalization, many law firms are setting up offices in South Asia. SALSA provides students with many opportunities to meet with firms and explore possibilities of working abroad. Open to all students, SALSA encourages anyone with an interest in South Asia to join.