Student Organization Programs and Resources


The intentions, expectations, and resources available are similar to past programs offered solely by the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs such as the OMSA Allocation Board and Presidents Roundtable. 

  • The Coalition: The Coalition seeks to develop the cross-cultural, collaborative leadership skills of student organization leaders at UChicago.  The Coalition is designed to develop more collaborative and long-lasting relationships with all recognized student organizations and student initiatives whose mission, philosophy, and/or group membership is reflected in the offices encompassed in the Center for Identity + Inclusion, which include Multicultural Student Affairs, LGBTQ Student Life, and Student Support Services.  The Coalition will be composed of 1 or 2 leaders per student organization with Affiliate Status meeting twice per quarter to discuss current issues that impact our communities, bridge collaboration opportunities between other organizations with Affiliate Status, and develop knowledge and skills to positively impact your organizations and the communities you engage with. Organizations must complete a short application, the link for which is below. 
  • OMSA Allocation Fund : The OMSA Allocation Fund is a student peer review board that allocates funding to student groups with Affiliate Status coordinating programs that directly impact Center for Identity + Inclusion constituents, enhance the CI+I vision and add value to the University community.  
  • Priority Access to the Center for Identity + Inclusion: meeting rooms and programming spaces.

Please note that all student organizations interested in applying for funding from the OMSA Allocation Fund must submit an application for the Coalition. In keeping in mind organizations who have historically been connected and heavily involved with our offices, we made an effort to keep the application short and simple.   

Please click here to submit an application for The Coalition. The deadline to submit an application is February 3rd. Questions? Contact

Who Can Apply? 

The following types of groups can apply for the Coalition, application decisions will be based on the organizations application and historical relationship with CI+I.  Your organizations' mission, philosophy, and group membership must reflect Center for Identity + Inclusion's vision and one mission of the offices in CI+I.  The types of organizations who can apply for the Coalition: 

  • Recognized Student Organization: Designated as a RSO by the Center for Leadership and Involvement (CLI).  
  • Non-recognized Student Organization: Not recognized as a RSO by CLI, including college, graduate/professional, and Greek letter organizations.  Non-RSOs do not have to actively seek RSO status in order to apply for the Affiliate Program.  
  • Affinity Group: Not recognized as a RSO by CLI and a group that seeks affinity for a particular social identity. 

Important Dates

The Coalition Application Deadline: Friday, February 3rd

Newly recognized student organizations that apply through the Center for Leadership and Involvement RSO process can apply for the Affiliate Program upon their recognition in spring quarter.  This date will be announced in winter quarter 2017.  The link to apply for Affiliate Status is located at the bottom of this page. 

The Coalition Meetings

As a reminder, all student groups intending to maintain access to the OMSA Allocation Fund and priority access to CI+I facilities must have at least one executive board member attend each Coalition meeting to retain Affiliate Status. 

Monday, February 6th and February 20th between 5:30 - 7 PM in the Center for Identity + Inclusion Community Lounge

CI+I Room Reservations

Click here to navigate to our room reservation 

OMSA Allocation Fund

All dates in 2017, spring quarter dates will be released at the end of February! 

Funding Proposal Deadline: For Programs No Sooner than the Following Date:  Funding Meeting Date:  Funding Proposal Decision:
Friday, January 27* Wednesday, February 8* Wednesday, February 1*  Friday, January 3
Friday, February 10 Wednesday, February 22 Wednesday, February 15 Friday, February 17
Friday, February 24 Wednesday, March 8 Wednesday March 1 Friday, March 3

* In addition to going through the normal funding process, the final program funding decision will be dependent on acceptance into the Coalition.