Forum for Theological Exploration Doctoral Fellowships For Students of Color

Posted: October 28, 2014

About: FTE offers fellowships to sustain current Ph.D. and Th.D. students of color through graduate school and into a vocation of teaching and scholarship. In doing so, FTE is working toward improving the quality of theological education and scholarship by diversifying the faculties of theological schools.

1. Applicants must be of African, Latino/a, Asian, or First Nations descent enrolled or admitted full time in a Th.D. or Ph.D. program in religion, theological studies or biblical studies.

2. Applicants must be finished with coursework by the beginning of the fellowship year (September 1, 2015).
3. Applicants at the dissertation stage must be in a position to write full time during the fellowship year.
4. To be classified at the dissertation stage, applicant’s dissertation committee must have approved the dissertation research proposal and writing plan and given the student full approval to proceed before submission of an application.
5. Students enrolled in or applying to Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) programs are ineligible for this opportunity.
6. Eligible applicants who are past the coursework stage but have not yet reached candidacy (ABD) may apply.
7. International students who hold citizenship and/ or residency outside the U.S. or Canada are not eligible for a fellowship.

Award Amount: Unspecified

Deadline: February 1, 2015

Link: Doctoral Fellowships For Students of Color